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It’s time to celebrate your impact as a customer experience champion.

Are you spearheading a customer experience revolution in your organisation? If so, we want to showcase your achievements.

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The annual CX Leader of the Year award, from MyCustomer, will recognise customer experience practitioners from around the globe for their role in enhancing and promoting the CX discipline.

In conjunction with an expert judging panel we’ll be showcasing the great work of everyone who applies, before announcing a list of finalists and ultimately crowning one applicant the CX Leader of the Year.

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Why you should apply 

  • Highlight your position as a CX innovator.
  • Raise awareness of the great work you’re doing promoting CX within your organisation and the wider industry.
  • Share some of the best practices you and fellow applicants are undertaking as customer experience professionals.
  • Help validate the CX discipline as a crucial part of any business’s financial success.  
  • Gain recognition for your achievements in your role.

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“The CX profession is growing at pace across the world.
Recognising the vanguards working tirelessly to change the way organisations think is vital in raising awareness of the importance of their work.”

– Ian Golding

Certified CX professional, international speaker,
author and CX Leader of the Year judge

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As experts in the field we offer news, views, research, reports and events related to CX and customer service. We’ll be bringing all of the CX Leader of the Year stories to life, profiling applicants via our site and showcasing their route to success in the CX profession.    

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